Stop Smoking Benefits – Have a Healthier Life

No matter if you just started smoking or if you have been smoking for thirty years, now is the time to quit. There are many benefits that you will receive when you stop smoking. It is up to you to make the choice to become a better you. When you stop smoking you will begin to feel healthier and of course, you will no longer smell like nicotine. Take time to read more stop smoking benefits so that you can truly realize how important it is to stop smoking today.

Stop Smoking Benefits

There are many instant stop smoking benefits that you will have. Within the first day of stopping, you will no longer be at such a high risk for a heart attack. Also, the carbon monoxide in your blood will decrease about eight hours once you quit smoking. All of this means that you will be able to live a longer and fuller life. The moments where you are out of breath after playing with your children will be gone forever. The times when you had to choose to stay at home because you are wore out instead of going out with your buddies will be of the past.

Another of the stop smoking benefits is the amount of money you will save. If you were to stop smoking today and put all of the money you would have spent on cigarettes into a savings like a 401(k), after about thirty years, you would have around $250,000 dollars saved and invested. Imagine the dividends that will come to you by simply stopping a habit that can potentially suffocate and kill you. Even if you choose to simply put the money in a piggy bank, the amount you will have after a month could possibly make a rent or car payment for you.

Quit Smoking Benefits

It is important to see the future stop smoking benefits that that you will receive as well. Once you have gotten over the hurdle of staying smoke free for a month you will then begin to reap even more benefits in your health. Your lungs and heart will thank you for giving life back to your body. You will more than likely not be running out of breath so easily. Also, once you successfully stopped smoking for twelve months, you will be able to say that you are less likely to have heart disease and lung cancer. Take time today to quit smoking and have a healthier life!


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  1. Nina Williams
    Posted April 17, 2012 at 12:27 am |

    I see the benefits of quitting smoking. But it was far more healthy if one never smoked at all.